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Engineer role 2

A role for you

We have a wide variety of jobs available at British Gas.

Find out more about each career area and meet some of our people.

A character represents an apprentice is holding a clipboard.

Apprentices and Trainees

If you're looking for an exciting and challenging career and are prepared to strive to always achieve your best, you have come to the right place.

A character represents customer service role is holding the phone.

Customer Service, Sales and Support

British Gas call centres are exciting places to be! We pride ourselves in offering a fantastic standard of customer service.

A character represents Energy Efficiency and Management role is holding a laptop.

Energy Efficiency and Management

At British Gas we're committed to supporting our residential and business customers to reduce their energy consumption.

A character represents Engineers and Technicians role is on the phone.

Engineers and Technicians

The British Gas Team are now recruiting for experienced Engineers and Technicians to join them on their mission.

A character represents Finance, Governance, Control & Insurance role is waving.

Finance, Governance, Control & Insurance

There are a huge range of roles and opportunity across the Finance, Risk & Controls and Management
Information teams at British Gas.

A character represents Marketing, Analytics, Insight and Pricing role is smiling.

Marketing, Analytics, Insight and Pricing

We can offer an outstanding career for those passionate about our business and our brand.

A character represents People, Process, Operations & Change role is standing with open arms.

People, Process, Operations & Change

People and process are what make British Gas what it is, and are key to the successful running of British Gas.

A character represents Strategy, M&A and Executive role is holding a mobile phone.

Strategy, M&A and Executive

Strategy and M&A are small but high impact teams which are hugely important at British Gas.

A character represents Technology and Innovation role is smiling.

Technology and Innovation

Technology and Innovation is key to the ethos of British Gas and there are exciting opportunities within these areas.