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Work Experience - Movement to Work

British Gas/Scottish Gas are in partnership with several large employers and training partners to run a number of work experience programmes across the UK. 

Are you trapped in the vicious circle of you can’t get a job because you don’t have experience, but you can’t get experience because you don’t have a job? We can help! Our work experience programmes are designed to deliver a wide range of positive outcomes helping people gain new skills & experience, improve self-confidence and team working skills to help people get closer to the world of work.

The duration of the work experience ranges between 2 – 4 weeks. During the 4 week placement, you will spend time with our training partner Capita, developing skills to prepare you for the work place and you will also spend 2 weeks work experience at British Gas/Scottish Gas, where you will gain an awareness of our products & services and have an opportunity to spend some time with a customer services team, plus shadow engineers installing and servicing heating products and energy systems.

For the 2 week placement you will complete 2 weeks work experience with British Gas (BG) / Scottish Gas (SG) only and this will be across our customer services and engineering operations and will also include CV and Interview training with our fantastic Recruitment team.

What might it involve?

Here are some things you might experience at British Gas/Scottish Gas:

  • Homecare - Repairing & servicing boilers and electrical faults for our services customers.
  • Home Installation - Installing new boilers and central heating systems for our customers.
  • Smart - British Gas Residential Energy has around 11 million household customers, and to help customers manage their energy we provide innovative ways to control and understand energy bills. One of these is Smart meters, a new type of meter, which helps customers control their energy instantly.
  • Academy visit - You may also get the opportunity to visit  one of our Academies, where we train our engineers of the future.
  • Customer service - All our sites undertake numerous customer focused functions that support our residential and business customers

Some things you will experience with our training partner Capita are:

  • Training in Customer Service Skills
  • Practical work skills such as CV writing, interview techniques and confidence building
  • Development of Maths and English skills


No qualification's required. Age range for the 2 week programme 16-24. Age range for the 4 week programme is 19-24. For all programmes you must not be in employment, education or training,  and have no unspent criminal convictions. The process starts with registering for a taster day where you meet some of our team, find out more about the programme and we will find out a little bit more about you. At the taster day, we will select a number of people to join the programme.

How to register - Its easy!

If you are interested in our work experience opportunities, you can register for a taster day by contacting British Gas/ Scottish Gas via email with your name, email address, postcode, contact number, age & quote Work Experience and location i.e. Leeds, in the subject of the email

Dates for 2017

Dates and general locations:

Site Taster day  Placement
 Leeds  19th June 2017 2 week work experience placement BG only begins 26th June
 Leicester  19th June 2017

4 week placement with Capita/BG begins 26th June -

(2 week option also available starting 3rd July)

 Manchester  21st June 2017 2 week work experience placement BG only begins 26th June
 Glasgow  21st July 2017 2 week work experience placement SG only begins 31st July
 Edinburgh  20th July 2017 2 week work experience placement SG only begins 31st July
 Cardiff  w/c 14th August 2 week work experience placement BG only begins 21st August

Please note these dates may be subject to change & again you must have pre-registered to be able to attend. 

If you have any questions about this fantastic programme, please email: