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Meet Mark Wallington, Technical Gas Engineer!

12 December 2016 | Mark Wallington: Technical Gas Engineer

Find out how Mark joined British Gas from being a contractor to being fully employed!

When did you start with British Gas?

January 2014

What did you do before you joined British Gas?

I had my own Plumbing & Heating company and was contracting for British Gas for 3 ½ years prior to joining them on a permanent basis

How did you find out about the role with British Gas?

I received some communication via email regarding the contracting opportunities which prompted me to get in touch. Once I was contracting I spoke to colleagues and my manager about the permanent position as I knew they were recruiting in my area for these roles.

What type of person would make a good Service & Repair Engineer?

You do need to have excellent customer service skills. When I was running my own company this was really important as you are dealing with many different customers & they are the heart of any business. You also need to get it right first time and if you’re not sure of something you need to have the confidence to ask for help and find the right solution. You must be professional and treat people how you expect to be treated especially as you are going into their homes. If you get this right then you will be a success in your job.

Tell us about your job

I work on a specific patch in the North London area and am responsible for servicing and repair work on customer’s domestic appliances. I enjoyed running my own business but the time came when I realised I wanted more from my career and working for British Gas on a permanent basis would give me that. The benefits you receive are brilliant like a pension, holiday pay (working for myself I never had that), a good guaranteed income, reward system (Qdos Visa card) etc.  Everything you need to do the job is provided so there is no outlay unlike there was when I was self employed. The work is guaranteed and you don’t have to chase it which took a large part of my time being self employed. You also have the flexible working over the summer so I can now work 3 days in the summer months and then a full week across the winter months. This was a very attractive benefit for me as it gives me the choice to either work additional hours for more money in the summer or have more time with the family.

There are some cons to being permanent rather than self-employed with British Gas; I had to get used to not being my own boss and having to hit targets that are expected of you.  At first I did find it a little difficult to adjust but now I can definitely say the pro’s of being permanent far outweigh the cons.

What’s the best thing about working for British Gas?

British Gas has a great reputation and you are seen in the industry as being the best. As an engineer here we are really well equipped to do the job and there is no cost to you, unlike when I was self employed. I feel really well looked after here & have a great support network behind me that is there when needed. There’s also opportunities to progress with British Gas which appeals to me.  I know as I get older I may not be able to stay on the tools so knowing there are other career paths with the company give me added security. 

What advice would you give someone who wants to do your job?

You have a great work life balance with this company as well as a job security. There’s a good team spirit and I know I made the right choice switching from being a self employed engineer to a permanent one for British Gas.